The complete instruction manual, step by step for an order can be found here.

How do I order Manor gift cards?

1. Choose the type of gift cards you want (by post, for download or by email), 2. Choose the design of the gift card, 3. Define the quantity and value of each card, add packaging if required, 4. Confirm your order and proceed to payment.

Can I get discounts on gift cards?

Yes, we offer attractive discounts for orders of CHF 1,000 or more. Do not hesitate to ask for an offer at

Can I enter a comment or PO number when ordering on the platform?

You have the possibility to enter the information of your choice when ordering on the platform. To do so, there is a special step called “additional information”. Please note: this information is printed on the delivery note and is not taken into account by our staff during the production of the cards.

A colleague from the same company has already placed an order. Can I access the gift cards from his/her order?

Yes, this is possible. A single company can have several accounts that can be linked together. Please notify of the two accounts in question so that we can take the necessary action.


What types of gift cards can I buy?

  • Digital gift cards
    Digital cards come in pdf format and can be shown at the checkout on your phone or as a printed copy. Of course you can also use them as a means of payment on Simply indicate the card number and the corresponding pin code. Digital cards are available with the “Manor” layout or the “Manor digital” layout.
  • Physical gift cards
    For physical cards sent by post, you can choose between various predefined gift card designs. When placing an order of a total value of CHF 1,000 or more, you can also create personalised gift cards with your own logo or image.

Can I personalise my gift card?

Yes, physical gift cards are customisable. It is possible to personalise them with the logo or image of your choice from a minimum order value of CHF 1,000. Select the customisable card, then upload the image you want to put on your gift card. You will receive an email within two working days with a design proposal for your personalised gift cards. Please validate the layout by replying to this email. A few days later, your personalised gift cards will be available to order in your customer account. Please allow up to 3 weeks of production time. A production fee of CHF 0.80 (incl. 7.7 % VAT) per card will be added to the face value of the cards. Postage costs are not included in the price.

Can I order packaging for physical cards?

Yes, packaging is free. However, it is not automatically added to the order, so don’t forget to add it to your basket with the option “add new gift cards”, then select the desired packaging. You can also order packaging – or another gift card – in the main order menu.


How long do my Manor gift cards remain valid for?

The gift cards remain valid for an unlimited period of time.

Where can I use Manor gift cards?

They can be used in all Manor department stores, Manora restaurants, Manora fresh to Go, Manor Food supermarkets, Sanovit pharmacies, and online at

I have lost my gift card, can you replace it?

Cards are not replaced in case of loss or theft. Cards cannot be exchanged or returned.

My gift card has been stolen, can you replace it?

Cards are not replaced in case of loss or theft. Cards cannot be exchanged or returned.

How can I check my gift card balance?

You can go to customer service or ask to see the balance at the checkout. The balance can be provided on request at any checkout in our department stores. The card can also be recharged if desired.

Do I earn Manor points if I buy Manor gift cards?

No points are credited when purchasing gift cards. Points are credited when a Manor gift card is used and on presentation of the Manor customer card.


How can I pay for my gift card order?

  • Advance payment by bank transfer
    Please note that you will receive a proforma invoice by email for an advance payment by bank transfer. Production and delivery will be initiated on receipt of payment. A confirmation of payment with an invoice will always be sent to you afterwards.
  • Credit card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • Invoice
    Payment by invoice is not a standard option but can be added to the customer account by sending a request to We require the email address you used to create your account as well as your VAT/ID number. Adding this option takes two working days. For associations without a VAT/ID number, a Manor store must act as guarantor. Please send your request to specifying your billing address and the name of the nearest Manor store, and enclosing a copy of your identity card. Orders with a 30-day invoice are also possible at the customer service department of your chosen Manor store.

Which credit cards are accepted for payment?

Mastercard and Visa

How long do I have to pay my invoice?

Our invoices are payable within 30 days, starting from the date of the invoice.

Is it possible to have a different billing address on my invoice than the delivery address?

Yes, the delivery address may differ from the billing address. This must be filled in when you place your order. In the “My account” area, you can enter several delivery addresses for future orders in the “Address database” section.

Type of card delivery By post By email For download
Type of card physical digital digital
(logo / image)
Choice of design Choice of different gift card designs. Two designs available, Manor and Manor digital. Two designs available, Manor and Manor digital.
Download X PDF or mobile version URL download link per gift card in CSV file
Delivery times 3 to 5 days 24 hours 24 hours
Mailing costs CHF 1.21 for less than 5 cards, CHF 8.36 for 5 cards or more X X
Suitability for large card orders O X O


What different types of delivery are possible?

  • Post: physical cards are delivered by post between 2 and 5 working days after receipt of payment
  • By email: digital cards are sent by email (to be downloaded in PDF format or as a mobile version) within 24 hours of the order
  • For download: digital cards are sent as a download link in a CSV file. The recipient receives a URL link that they can click on to display their gift card in PDF format. Orders are sent within 24 hours to the personal area of the person who placed the order.

What is the difference between delivery by email and for download?

If you want to receive your cards by email, you will receive an email allowing you to download the cards one by one on a landing page. If you choose the download option, you will receive a CSV file containing URLs to the gift cards. This means that you can simply integrate the URLs into the emails you send to your employees.

I would like to buy a large number of gift cards. What is the best way to send them to me?

You should either choose delivery by post for physical cards or the download option for digital cards. Emailing is not suitable for large numbers of cards as each card has to be downloaded individually.

Do I have to pay postage for gift cards?

For physical cards sent by post, the postage costs are CHF 1.21 excluding VAT for less than 5 cards and CHF 8.36 excluding VAT for 5 cards or more. There are no postage costs for digital cards sent for download or by email.

Who can I send the gift cards to by post?

You can send them to the address of your choice or to one or more final recipients.

Is it possible to send cards directly to several recipients?

Yes, this is possible. When selecting the delivery address, select “send to several final recipients”. Download the CSV template provided and enter the addresses of the final recipients. Please do not change the CSV format or the column headings. Once you have completed the template, please upload it back onto the site. The cards will be sent directly to the addresses indicated.

Can I have the gift cards sent to the company address?

Yes, this option will be offered to you when finalising the delivery.

I work from home. Can I have the gift cards delivered to my home?

Yes, of course, you can choose the delivery address of your choice. Under “My account”, you can enter several delivery addresses for future orders in the “Address database” section.

Will my gift cards be sent to me on receipt of payment or as soon as I have placed my order?

If you choose the option of advance payment by bank transfer or payment by credit card, the order will only be sent once payment has been received. In the case of payment by invoice, the order will be sent to you immediately and you will have 30 days to pay the invoice.

How can I retrieve my digital cards via the email option?

You will receive an email with a link to the landing page where you can download the gift cards you ordered one by one. This will allow you to:

  • Save the card to a smartphone “wallet”
  • Or download it in PDF format and print it out

How can I retrieve my digital cards sent for download?

A table containing the URLs to all your gift cards will be available in your personal area under “My orders”, “order details and activation”. There will then be a “download” button that will allow you to access the CSV file.

Can I personalise the message sent to my employees when I choose digital cards by email?

No, this is a standard automated email. If you wish to personalise your message, please select the upload mode so that you can send the message of your choice from your personal email account and include the links to the digital gift cards.

What is the download option?

If you select the download option, you will receive a CSV file with all the URL links to the gift cards in your personal area within 24 hours. Simply embed a URL link in an email and send it from your email account to the recipient of your choice. The person receiving the link should click on it to download the digital gift card in pdf format. The gift card does not need to be printed out and can be presented at the checkout on a phone. Of course, the card can also still be used on


Please note that physical gift cards are sent deactivated for security reasons. You must activate them in your personal area. Digital cards are already activated.

How can I activate just one card, or several cards, from my order?

Card activation process:

  • Log in to your customer account
  • Click on “Card activation”

All cards can be sorted and activated. You can search by different criteria (gift card number, order or delivery note number, product name, card value and date). It is also possible to only display inactive cards.

How do I activate all the gift cards in my order?

You should have received an email with a link to activate your gift cards. If not, here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to your customer account
  • Move the cursor over your name. A drop-down menu will open. Click on “My orders”
  • In the page that opens, click on the button “Order details and activation”on the right
  • Another page will now open. Press the “Global activation”button on the right

The person who ordered the gift cards no longer works for the company. How can I activate the gift cards?

A company can have several accounts that can be linked together. You will then have access to all the orders.

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