Practical and always valid – the Manor Gift Card fulfills every wish.

You can redeem the gift card in all Manor department stores, Manor Food markets, and Manora Restaurants, as well as at Appunto and in our online shop at www.manor.ch.

Service charges may apply. The entire final amount will be shown to you exactly before completion of the order.
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If you select “Ship to company address”, the gift cards will be shipped to your designated contact person as a batch delivery. This contact person will then further handle all the gift cards in the delivery.

If you select the “by e-mail” option, gift cards that have already been activated will be sent by e-mail either individually or as a group to the e-mail address(es) indicated. The gift cards will all be available on a Landing Page. The gift cards can then be downloaded one by one, either in PDF format or as a mobile version.

Please note that if you order a large number of digital cards, we advise you to:

  • Either choose “Send to final recipients” as the final recipient so that our system will send the gift cards directly and automatically to the e-mail addresses of your recipients. The message is generated automatically and cannot be personalized.
  • Or choose the “download” sending method instead of the “by e-mail” option if you prefer to send the cards yourself and write a personalized message from your personal e-mail account. You will receive a CSV file in your customer account containing the URL links to the digital gift cards. You can then forward these links to your recipients so that they can download their gift cards.

If you select “By download”, the gift cards will be available for you to download under “My orders” within 24 hours.

Please note that this is an Excel file and the gift cards cannot be printed out. You’ll merely receive individual codes with corresponding e-card links.

If you select “By mail”, the gift cards will be shipped by Swiss Post to the address(es) specified, either individually or as a batch delivery. The gift cards are inactive and will need to be activated by the customer.

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